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Bull Riding Spurs

Style BS-002

Style BS-003

Style BS-004

Style BS-005

Style BS-006

Style BS-007

onstructed by hand, utilizing the finest materials, R14 Custom Spurs are no less than unique works of art.
The photos displayed here are but a small sample of R14 craftsmanship.

"Because seven is not long enough and nine is too long."

-- Adriano Morales -
[explaining why a bull rider must stay on for 8 seconds] 

The only good reason to ride a bull is to meet a nurse.

– Anonymous –

"The 8-second ride
on the bull is the biggest adrenaline rush in the world. There's no other rush like it.”

– Sam Reeves –

"Never approach a bull
from the front,
a horse from the rear,
or a fool from any direction."


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